A6-6400K Running too hot? Maybe

80-90 Celsius (Idle or on Youtube) and 100 celsius (While Gaming)#

Is this normal for this CPU?
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  1. This isn't normal, for just about any CPU. The one exception I would say, a high end Core i7 CPU running in a Macbook Pro, as those tend to be badly designed laptops that run hot.

    CPU coolers need maintenance. Clean the heat sink and fan that covers the CPU. If your PC enclosure has poor ability to circulate air, and bring in cool air, consider relocating it.

    If you continue to have problems after cleaning the heat sink and fan for your CPU, a larger cooler may be necessary to keep the processor running at a safe temperature.

    Also, bear in mind, an APU (an AMD CPU with the graphics built onto the CPU die), which is what you have, will always run hotter than a discreet CPU, as a single package has to dissipate heat from both the CPU and GPU portions.

    Properly cooled, you shoudln't be seeing temperatures over 80°C.

    If you remove the heat sink and fan for cleaning, it's a good idea to have thermal interface material (TIM) or heat sink compound on hand, as it's recommended the TIM be replaced every few years of use or after each removal of the heat sink. Clean the old compound off of both mating surfaces with rubbing alcohol and a coffee filter, q-tip, or whatever else is handy and replace it with new compound.

    One more note: If you used any form of compressed air to clean the fan on the heat sink, make sure you don't allow the fan to spin. Compressed air will usually over rev the fan and may damage the fan bearing, causing more problems, so I usually hold it with a finger or a pencil / pen, depending on the fan.
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  2. Thank you for your comment, i will check the Thermal Paste, But i very recently got this computer, (Very) and im seeing theses temps in HWMonitor. And im looking into purchasing a 860k for my build so i dont have a APU, will this be cooler? or is this a AMD thing where everything is hot or the Very little cpu cooler that cam with the APU isnt sufficient

    CPU : A6-6400k 3.9ghz (Turbo 4.1ghz)
    GPU : HD 7850 2 gb
    RAM : DDR3 1600mhz 16gb (8x2)
    MOBO : Asus A68hm-Plus
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  3. I wouldn't blame AMD for two devices on one piece of silicon being hotter than one. That's just physics. Also, AMD isn't usually responsible for the coolers used in pre-built systems. That's up to the manufacturer, who likely cut corners. If your system is relatively new, and yet runs too hot, I would suspect the cooler in your system may be cut-rate, and just not up to the task of cooling that CPU under the conditions it's facing.

    Since it appears you already have a discreet graphics card, there really is no benefit to also having on-CPU graphics. Although, it's possible if you're not enabling the on-CPU graphics that, AMD is power gating the on-CPU, GPU section, and it's not producing much waste heat at all. If you're not even using the graphics portion of your APU, and your APU being on the lower end, is getting as hot as it is, makes it sound like your cooling solution isn't working well at all. A dual-core part that isn't using on-CPU graphics shouldn't be hitting anywhere near 70°C, much less what you're reporting seeing. I would make sure the fan is spinning on the CPU cooler, and if you have any control over fan speed, increase the fan speed.

    An 860k may not make much difference, heat wise, as it generates more heat than the CPU portion of your current chip, due to it's increased core count. You may also need to upgrade from any stock cooler it comes with, if it too can't keep the chip below the 70°C range.
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  4. Oh and i was looking into a Cryorig C7? will this be good, ive looked at multiple reviews of it and it seems to be very good for its price? The CPU fan is spinning because i can hear it :) (Its Loud) And i cant find the disable APU setting in the BIOS so i dont know hot to disable it.
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  5. No, a Cryorig C7 won't be a good improvement for the price, but that's only my opinion. You'll notice on the website for the Cryorig cooler, it's compared to a stock Intel cooler, which is notoriously mediocre, but adequate for standard use, so it's basically being compared to below average cooling.

    I would never recommend a low profile CPU cooler, unless it's a requirement, due to having to stuff something into a low profile chassis. They usually end up under performing for the price.

    BIOS features have to be taken on a case by case basis. Simply not using the on-CPU graphics may be enough that the chip can limit it's heat output.

    For about the same cost of the Cryorig C7, you can get a Hyper 212 series cooler, which will give you good performance for the money, provided it fits in your chassis.

    Here's a comparison link between the Cryorig C7 and Hyper 212 Evo under several different loads.
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  6. Thank you, i will consider the Hyper 212, But which one Evo or Turbo?
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    If I understand the differences correctly, the Turbo is the same as the EVO except that it comes with a 2nd fan, so will obviously run cooler. It's debatable if you will need any extra cooling the Turbo would provide, as none of the CPUs we've spoken about in your post are ever really considered as needing anything near a high end cooling, but it also never hurts to run a CPU at lower temperatures.
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  8. Oh ok Thank you for commenting, I will consider the hyper EVO / Turbo. Ill choose one
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