Added hardware, now GPU underperforming

Upgraded PSU and added 8GB more RAM, now Overwatch and other games are lagging in bigger fights. Did a clean install of display drivers on my RX 460, drives are working fine. Get consistent 144 frames until screen is loaded with other players/effects/projectiles. Getting errors of rendering device lost, or just crashes.

All played just fine on lower PSU, less RAM. How can adding better parts make my GPU fumble like this?
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  1. What are your GPU temps like when this happens?
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  2. What PSU were you using, make/model? What PSU do you have now? What resolution are you using?

    In general, it's a good idea to upgrade ONE item at a time. It makes troubleshooting easier. What happens if you remove the new memory? Try to get the computer in the condition it would have been in if all you did was replace the power supply.

    As to why new parts can cause problems, there are lots of reasons. Starting with incorrect installation, defective components, settings that might have changed...lots of reasons.
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  3. To answer both:

    GPU temps are well below 60C, at most 65C.

    PSU was a corsair 450W, upgrade to 850W from Thermaltake.

    Have removed RAM and swapped both sets of 4G sticks in dual channel, doesn't matter which, it gives best performance with 8G and 60FPS @ 1920 x 1080.

    I also am running an FX processor and a RX 460 so I realize those are older gen parts but Overwatch was doing 144fps just fine on my old comp which was a 650Ti and an older AMD processor.
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