SSD amteur help please!!

After a long time and multiple laptops ive finally decided to upgrade to an ssd on my Asus Rog gl552vx. Ive tried to research the topic as much as possible but i still have a few doubts which i would like help with.

1. Should i install my os on the ssd even though im happy with general windows performance and really want to avoid reinstalling/cloning my os.

2. I really want better performance only for games and DAW software so can i get away with just installing those on the SSD and leaving my OS on my HDD.

Every guide/forum i have seen tells me to install my os on the SSD.

Any help is much appreciated you beautiful people!!
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  1. 1. I would. Compared to some games the OS is pretty small. Even if you are happy with the current performance. It will be much better.

    2. You won't get full performance. No matter what options you choose. When loading games or other software. Some files will be stored on your boot hard drive. Plus those games and programs will likely be accessing parts of the OS. Such as the Registry, DirectX, dotNET, drivers and many other subsystems. You'd be robbing yourself of the full potential of the SSD for your uses.
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