please help me OC my newly built PC newbie here

First off i like to thank you all for all the help i received here building my first PC.

Here is my build that i have been using to play VR games, Non-VR Games and everyday use so far unbelievable

Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero
Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake 4.2 GHz LGA 1151 Boxes Processor
Corsair 570X
Corsair RM750X
Corsair H100i V2
Corsair SP120L x 2
Corsair HD120 x 6 (total fans running 8)
Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3733MHz C17 (CMD16GX4M2B3733C17)

Corsair K95
Corsair M65 Pro
Two Dell U2415, from my previous computer Hopefully will upgrade
Asus RT- AC88U Router
Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset
Corsair MM800
Oculus Rift CV1

Everything is working perfectly and received a ton of compliments

My kids have been playing VR and cant lie so have I everything works perfectly, non-VR like TitanFall 2 and Assassin Creed.
Now i built this system and would love to utilize all it can.
I've been searching or honestly havent found what to believe or do as far as OC.
I have the Asus Suite III, which says it can OC my system. There is XMP in the Bios.

I have selected XMP Profile and rebooted the system and the start up screen says 9% Overclocked, but i don't see any difference with XMP off and XMP on 9% OC.

There is where i get a bit lost.
What are the do and don't of OC?
What should i look out for?
What program should i use?
Should I manually OC?

I just really don't know, I was truly hoping someone can help

Thank You
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    So first of all you can overclock 3 components in your pc, the CPU, the RAM and the GPU.

    The RAM and CPU can be overclocked in the BIOS.

    You have said that your ram is Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3733MHz

    3733MHz is the speed at which your ram is rated at, when you turn on XMP , if it says "DDR4-3733MHZ ...." then you are good.

    The CPU is overclocked by adjusting the Core ratio and the CPU voltage, your i7-770k runs at 4.2GHz on deafult and you can push it to 4.8GHz and 5.0GHz if you're lucky (this is called the silicon lottery).

    The GPU can be overclocked in Windows 10 using the MSI Afterburner program:

    Stress Testing
    So once you've overclocked you will also have to stress test your pc to see if your overclock is stable and that you're cpu or gpu won't get too hot. You can stress test using this software called Aida64;

    Watch this video to see how you will overclock the CPU and RAM:

    Good Luck :)
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  2. Hi Furkan68k18

    Thank you so much

    I did run the asus ai suite 3 and perform the DIPS 5 and the system OC to 21% on the 4 cores to were reading 49 and 2 were reading 50.

    Dont know what that all means, but just wanted to let you know. I return everything to default because was a bit scared. Temperature were at 31-34 degrees Celsius at the time when it was running at 21%.

    Being your suggesting MSI afterburner should i delete the Asus software

    Going to watch the video right now.

    I have looked for the exact video and could never find it.
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  3. He mentioned in the video that he Delided the CPU, that is a scary proposition

    What do you think
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  4. eddieblade21 said:
    He mentioned in the video that he Delided the CPU, that is a scary proposition

    What do you think

    I wouldn't do it.

    As for cpu and gpu overclocking you don't need to do it as long as you are happy with the performance of your pc. Your Dell U2415's have a refresh rate of 60Hz which mean you can only get 60 fps displayed on them. In game settings turn on v-sync to cap your fps to 60 because any more fps just wastes your cpu and gpu usage. Use v-sync until you can get a better monitor with 144Hz to make the most out of your beast of a pc. There is a feature called g-sync in some monitors which is compatible with Nvidia gpu's like yours which sync your monitor refresh rate and fps better than v-sync. AMD's version of this feature is called Freesync.

    V-sync is a standard feature that can be used on any monitor where as freesync can be used on freesync monitors with AMD gpus and G sync can be used with G sync monitors with Nvidia gpus.

    Here are two monitors for you:

    1080p 144Hz(You will be able to get 144fps), 24 inch, widescreen, this monitor does not have g-sync but you will be able to use v-sync to smooth out the experiencee

    Here is a more expensive choice

    4k, 165Hz (165fps, you get the idea by now), 24 inch, wide screen, this monitor is much more expensive because of 4k (obviously) and g-sync. With g-sync you will get a smoother experience than v-sync if this matters to you, and you are a VERY competitive gamer.

    Know you are thinking, "wait why do I need my fps and my monitor refresh rate synced, does it really matter", well yes, when the monitor can only display 60 framed in a second and the gpu is sending through say 80 fps, you can experience something called tearing where two frames are tried to be displayed at the same time and this is a disadvantage in competitive gaming.

    I myself use v-sync and I am happy with it, like I said if you are a very competitive gamer and want to make sure you have the smoothest experience possible go for a g-sync monitor, if not just go for a normal monitor and enable v-sync in, ingame settings.
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  5. Right now I wouldn't overclock anything as you should be getting well over what your monitor can display.

    But when you do overclock your cpu, do it through the BIOS, not through asus suite (so I would uninstall it), and as for msi afterburner you can use that to overclock only your gpu.

    Read this article for more information about fps and monitor refresh rate if you wish:
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  6. Hi

    The video explains a lot and i still have a lot to learn believe me i know.
    Being you mentioned monitors and that is the last thing on the list beside cosmetic stuff this is the monitor i am saving my money for. What you think
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  7. eddieblade21 said:

    The video explains a lot and i still have a lot to learn believe me i know.
    Being you mentioned monitors and that is the last thing on the list beside cosmetic stuff this is the monitor i am saving my money for. What you think

    Yeah this is good it has gsync and 4k. Only thing is it is 100hz, what kind of fps do you get on the demanding games like assassins creed you play, if it's constantly above 150 fps , I would go for a 144hz monitor and if it's above 170fps I would go for a 165hz monitor.
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