Low FPS in PUBG with gtx1080

Hey, so my pc is struggling to get over 60 FPS (40 in towns)in a game called PUBG. It’s quite a taxing game but with my specs I would expect a lot more with everything set on very low. Any advice on things to try?
I have used DDU and reinstalled it all.

Pc specs.
i7 2600k
Gtx 1080
32gb ram
Asus rampage extreme iv mobo
750w psu
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  1. Does it do it to any other game you try to play? Also how big is your hard drive(s) and how much space is left on them?
  2. The game is terribly optimized, and looking at your CPU being several generations old, i'd say everything is running fine.
  3. Speaking to a mate who runs an older mobo, and an older i5 with a 980 he gets better performance.

    I have 2x 2tb hard drives half full with my OS installed on a 128gb ssd

    I am however running Windows 7 still.
  4. It's not your system, it's PUBG, poor optimization. Nvidia did come out with a new driver which should help if you haven't gotten it yet.

    Besides that overclocking the CPU & GPU may give you a few more FPS.
  5. Just play fortnite...
  6. What resolution? What settings? Is your 2600K OC'd?

    While the game is still relatively poorly optimized (isn't it still technically early-access?), I would expect a bit better performance out of it.
  7. https://www.techspot.com/article/1551-pubg-graphics-benchmarks/

    Note that with an overclocked i7-8700K, a GTX 1080 struggles to hit 60+FPS on Ultra at 1440p (minimums dipping down to about 75% of average), so, yeah, optimization is bad. You're going to want to turn down the quality and/or turn down the resolution if you want higher FPS.
  8. Everything on very low as mentioned. Resolution is 1920x1080.

    Neither card or cpu are clocked.
    I will try O’C it today and update mobo bios and perhaps install Windows 10

    If failing that I imagine a new CPU is in order
  9. Your utilization (CPU potentially, GPU definitely) is always going to be pretty low on "very low" settings.

    An OC on the CPU is going to help some...... but a GTX 1080 at 1080p is always going to be pretty low on utilization unless you crank the in-game settings up.
  10. Yeah tried messing around bumping up textures and anti aliasing. Doesn’t really affect FPS until I hit ultra or add in shadows
  11. Positively? Or Negatively?
  12. No real big FPS drop until I add shadows I mean
  13. did you turn off v-sync? I use to have the same problem till I turned it off. Now i regularly hit the144 fps limit
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