I need help with disc #s and partitions.

I'm trying to create a recovery drive and get a message saying. We can't create a recovery drive on this PC. Some required files are missing. Also pc doesn't seem as fast as it used to. In Disc mngmnt it hat mt 4tb sshd as disc 0. That's my D: drive for all my games, pictures, videos, music... Bulky stuff and no partitions. Disc 1 is my C: drive which is a 500gb M.2 drive and from Lt to Rt there's 3 partitions. 1st is 450mb (healthy partition, 2nd is 99mb efi (healthy system partition), 3rd is 476.39 gb NTFS (healthy boot, page file, crash dump, primary partition). I get some game files in here somehow too though i specify the D: drive every time. I don't know much on partitions and order. Do you see any issues? I read somewhere that the 476gb NTFS partition should be 1st as it stores ALL programs and windows and such. It looks to me as if it's being seen last when it should be 1st. No? Plz help, sincerely confused.
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