Not sure what motherboard will work with my pc.

Hi all
I brought a gaming pc about 6 years ago from amazon, it was a bundle deal. The pc is called vibox something and has a am3+ motherboard currently. I am looking to update the whole pc part by part and have hardly any knowledge of computers, sorry if I sound dumb. Just wondering do I need a certain motherboard or can any motherboard go in there. Also would like to try and get a motherboard with WiFi as my router isn’t in the same room. Any questions don’t be afraid to ask
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  1. Computer form factor size (mm)
    ATX (305×244)
    microATX (244×244)
    Mini-ITX (170×170)

    You need to know your current motherboard form factor and the size you want to replace it with.

    WiFi usually is only included on Mini-ITX form factor motherboards. You can get an add-on card for that.
    Wireless N Adapter IEEE 802.11b/g/n
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  2. Thanks for your reply.
    My mobo is a microATX by the looks of it(just measured it). Does this mean all parts I buy have to be compatable with this type of board? Also is this type of board capable of reaching a high spec?
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  3. Get the socket of your CPU and make sure the motherboard you want to purchase matches that socket.
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  4. I have a pga type cpu. Could you point me in the right direction as I have no idea what the difference is in all the different boards. I don’t mind changing the cpu as well if it’s better in the long run. Thanks.
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  5. my cpu is AMD FX(tm) 4170 quad core processor 4.20GHz
    16 fb of ram
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  6. GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-Gaming 3

    AMD A6-9500 Bristol Ridge Dual-Core 3.5 GHz Socket AM4 65W AD9500AGABBOX Desktop Processor Radeon R5

    CPU Support list:
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  7. Thanks for your reply
    I have a little more information on what I already have so someone could tell me if it’s worth upgrading or not.
    AMD FX 4170 quad core processor 4.20GHz
    AMD Radeon Hd 7800 series graphic card
    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 mother board.
    I haven’t used the thing for about 3-4 years and want to switch back to it for gaming. Should I upgrade or does it look good for now ?
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