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I have a dead ASRock M3A770DE, chipset Northbridge AMD 770, Southbridge SB710.
I've looked for a used same model motherboard, only available from China, and I don't want to wait 2 to 3 weeks to get my computer back up. I've also looked for another model using the same chipset, but the 770 chipset seems to have been little used. If I purchase a motherboard with the same Southbridge chipset but a different Northbridge chipset, (or even both different chipsets) can I boot into safe mode and install the drivers for the new motherboard, and avoid having to reinstall all of my software?

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  1. If you start in safe mode right away by booting with the Windows 10 USB install stick and getting to the advanced startup functions, it should work.

    Windows might complain about not being able to activate though but if you call MS they will usually do you right in this situation and get you activated.
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  2. In fact,it should work, some time ago i'had not been able to install OS,so i'v installed it on difrent computer and just swaped drives,than i installed my mobo drivers and it works just fine.In your circumstances,i'd just bought any am3+ mobo...
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