Importing obj models into the game Overgrowth

Any methods for putting your own obj models ie characters weapons buildings flora fauna etc into the PC game Overgrowth made by wolfire games???
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  1. A little work is okay by the way
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  2. Why not just ask Wolfire directly? It's their game.
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  3. ex_bubblehead said:
    Why not just ask Wolfire directly? It's their game.

    Do they have a phone number?? I suck miserablly at emails
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  4. I doubt they’ll tell me though. Game developers like that usually don’t tell you that stuff. They never do in my experience
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  5. I’m importing a obj model from software such as 3dsmax etc
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  6. FYI i have 3ds max 2016 AND 2018 on my computer. Also I’m thinking I’ll need a better cpu and ram if I’m gonna get serious with this kinda stuff. I’m probably gonna do unreal engine and unity too once I get a bigger hard drive. I’m looking at an i3 6100 or 7100 and upping the ram from 8gb ddr4 to maybe 12gb ddr4! I’m not paying for anything higher than a lower end i5 1151! I’m not made of money and I shelled out $240+ to build this rig so far. The gtx 580s cost me $150 alone used
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