8700k 3.7Ghz confused

So processor works on 3.7Ghz. Turbo boost is always on when Am trying to render, up to 4.6Ghz. So If I poot processor to work on 3.9Ghz will that be considered OC, since base clock speed is 3.7?
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  1. No not really. The normal turbo is way higher than that so I wouldn't up your "OC" to 3.9, that is way slower than normal.
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  2. yea but stock speed is 3.7Ghz. So CPU suppose to work on that speeds unless you want to OC? Is that right?
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  3. Is OC because Turbo boost only turn on when need to/meet the power/temp requirement.
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  4. Then my turbo boost is not good. Since he's turning on every time during rendering and he's melting my CPU. Temps during Boost are 95-100c, and hes working on 4.6Ghz. Thats why I had to limit boost to only 3.9.
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  5. If you go into the BIOS and change the settings so that it runs faster yes that is an overclock. There's not much you can do outside of the BIOS.

    Turbo boost is Intel technology and is technically stock settings. the 8700k Turbo boosts based on what cores are being used the most. If a single core is being used heavily it will turbo boost up to 4.7GHz. Two cores is 4.6GHz, 3 cores- 4.5GHz, 4 and/or 5 cores- 4.4GHz, and 6 cores at 4.3GHz. Base clock is 3.7GHz.

    Other than that I am having trouble understanding your question. Your processor is already running well it seems as it is getting up to 4.6GHz (presumably with 2 cores). Changing the base clock will do nothing. When you overclock you are overclocking per-core speed.

    Assume a 5.0GHz OC, that would mean all cores are being utilized up to 5.0GHz speed, unless you OC it ALWAYS be at 5.0GHz which is not advised if you keep your computer on a lot. Otherwise the CPU will clock UP TO 5.0GHz on all six cores, but it can be lower if they are not being fully utilized.

    EDIT: If you're running that hot you need better cooling, you don't need to castrate your CPU.
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  6. I was just wandering would it 3.9Ghz be considered as OC since stock speed is 3.7Ghz. I had to limit it bicause My H60 AIO cant handle to cool more then 4.2Ghz
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  7. jackynikola said:
    Then my turbo boost is not good. Since he's turning on every time during rendering and he's melting my CPU. Temps during Boost are 95-100c, and hes working on 4.6Ghz. Thats why I had to limit boost to only 3.9.

    Check your cpu cooling solution. Those temps are not normal.
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  8. Well, PC is brand new. The only thing that I can think is that my processor is not so good. Since there are people with a similar config and h80 cooler that have no problem cooling CPU.
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  9. Self built or shop bought? Even a bad cpu shouldn't get those temps on decent cooling. What CPU cooling is it and is it fitted well. Are the fans working properly?

    Reading back I see H60. Is the fan turning correctly and the right way around?
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  10. I made config and shop build it. I have CM H60. Its working normal. Pump works on 4000rpm.
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    The H60 is terrible. I think it was designed to be a cooling solution for mini ITX builds. There are low profile air coolers that cool better than that.

    I would definitely replace that.

    If you're short on cash a Cryorig H7 is one of the best budget air cooler you can buy.
    If you need low profile get a Cryorig C7 if you cannot afford/fit in a decent sized radiator.
    If you CAN fit in a larger radiator, and you can afford the pricetag, the H100i v2 or H115i would be significantly better. The H115i is one of the best cooling solutions on the market, aside from custom loops.
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  12. Am just back from repair shop. It was H60. He is terible. I instaled H80i v2 and I got easy 5Ghz at 1.3v with 75-80c temps
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  13. The H60 may not of been the best for an 8700k but the H80 is still only 120mm AIO but 11mm thicker. The H60 should of still been able to handle a 8700k at stock. I still think your H60 was poorly fitted. It doesn't matter anyway as you now have the slightly better solution.
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  14. I disagree. The H60 is barely better than a stock intel cooler, and I doubt the stock Intel cooler would be able to handle an 8700k at stock either. They run hotter than Kaby Lake and Kaby Lake runs hot as well. The H80 is significantly better than the H60. However, I personally would never use anything short of a 240mm radiator. My H115i is the bomb. My fans are in quiet mode and it keeps my 6700k @1.4v, 4.7GHz under 60C.

    BTW, those temps are still kinda high, within safe limits, but ideally you want to keep it under 60C. You might take down the clock speed. As far as I know the 8700k does not go to 5GHz without an overclock on it. I would keep it at stock to keep the temperatures at a more ideal level. But that's really up to you, its not going to kill your CPU anytime soon either way, just may reduce the lifespan a little way down the road (maybe a year, so it would last 7 years instead of 8-9years. Possibly)
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