Built PC, mouse works but keyboard doesn't?

So I was building a PC for my brother and I got it to boot but I can't enter bios because keyboard and mouse are plugged in, but only the mouse I working. I pressed caps lock and the light didn't even turn on. Can't find any threads that'll fix it for me. Tried unplugging everything and moving keyboard to right port on the back, resetting cmos etc. but nothing. Lemme know
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  1. What you have is the PC doesn't have the drivers for the keyboard. Some keyboards just don't work sometimes. You need to find the most generic Keyboard you have and use that for startup. Once you finish and get back to desktop, plug in the keyboard and hopefully it installs the drivers and should be fine from there.
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  2. Unfortunately I have tried every keyboard I have, from the most high tech mechanical one to the most generic one I have. Still nothing.
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