MSI b150m Night Elf CPU ez debug led

hi, my configuration is cpu- Intel i5-6400, GPU Asus r9 270x, PSU corsair cx600m, 2x4gb hyperx Fury ddr4. The PC works but if it is turned off it will not light up anymore. it is necessary to wait a few hours and then it works. sorry for my english, I use Google. Thanks for the attention
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  1. Hi, Power supply, or board I'd say. Try firstly testing different power supply. Test also the power supply after shutting down the pc:
    See if a fan connected to it does spin.
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  2. I have to say that motherboard, RAM and CPU are new. the power supply is older. finally motherboard and processor I changed them with Amazon. BIOS updated to a newest version.
    Now if I start the PC all the fans turn on but the CPU LED lights up and not signs of life. while if I wait for hours it works.
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