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My hard drive was making a clicking noise so I thought to do a disk check through command prompt but when I restarted my pc the disk check would go up to 11% then simple go no further. I have waited about an hour with no progress. I found a YouTube video which said to restart the pc and spam the space bar to skip disk checking but it wouldn't work. I tried that and it would say to skip disk checking press any key within ten seconds. I would constantly press the space bar but it would count down to 8 seconds then pause. I tried pressing the space bar constantly for 10 minutes but nothing happened and it froze at 8 seconds. Thanks for any help
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  1. what is the exact command line you used?
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  2. From what I remember chkdsk /r /f I think
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  3. Probably damaged or dying drive.
    You can boot from windows installation media and run chkdsk from there or
    (if you have another drive) you can install windows on it and work from there or
    (if you have another working pc) you could connect the drive to it as secondary and perform tests there.
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  4. we can try fixing corruiption on your system files first before fixing the ntfs.
    open the command line as admin.
    type "sfc /scannow". restart.
    type "Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth". restart.

    then try to do the chkdsk again.

    if it still freezes and the clicking sounds are beginning to be very consistent. i would consider backing up your data to another new drive. before mroe damage is done on that drive and ur data becomes more difficult to recover.
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  5. Is it safe to run chkdsk

    Your hard drive clearly has some physical issues which are preventing access to your files. By running chkdsk, it is likely causing irreversible damage to your file tables.

    If your data is worth a few hundred dollars or more, seek professional data recovery services before any further damage is caused. A few reputable and affordable labs I recommend are:

    Recovery Force
    Data Medics
    Data Savers
    PC Image
    Data Busters
    Mind Merge
    Chandigarh Data Recovery

    If you insist that you want to go at it on your own, you should stop trying to fix the drive and make sure that no further writing occurs. Here are the steps you should follow:

    1. Get a full sector-by-sector clone/image of the drive using a program that can work around and log bad sectors, such as GNU ddrescue (Guide to ddrescue)
    2. Use your favorite file system recovery programs to scan the clone and reconstruct the file system, as best it can. My preferred recovery program to recommend is R-Studio. Any damage to the file system caused by chkdsk cannot be undone. You may find that some folder and files are completely missing or renamed in the found.xxx folders off root.

    Good luck!
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  6. I might just buy a new hard drive - maybe a western digital blue 2tb. With my current hard drive it was a returned refurbished western digital drive that may have caused it to have some issues.
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  7. The clicking hardrive has physical damage (probably just had its time) and Basically I would suggest that you get a new hardrive and backup all of your data to the new hardrive. Hope it all works out for you.
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