Can't set I.D.E HDD to primary

This is the problem i've been facing since a while. My IDE HDD was being detected as secondary slave until i changed the jumper setting and it became secondary master, tough i only have one HDD and the IDE cable is plugged correctly. The OS installed in the HDD in windows XP and i want to set it to win seven. I made my USB bootable and copied windows files in it. When i go to the bios, the latter detects both of the HDD and USB. The problem is thatwhen set either of them as primary, the other will not be bootable anymore. Now i want to know how to set my HDD as primary IDE master and give priority to USB while the HDD is still recognized.
PS: the bios did not detect two other SATA drives with 2 different SATA cables.
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  1. I will make some assumptions here, that you are trying to install over Windows 7 over Windows XP.

    1. Go to BIOS and change the disk system from IDE to AHCI.
    2. While still in BIOS set your boot order to USB then HDD.
    3. Remove the existing HDD and mount and connect one of your SATA HDD. (No jumper.)
    4. With the USB connected restart the PC and install windows.

    There is no primary/secondary or slave/master setup with SATA.

    If this fails you can simply reconnect your existing IDE drive and have Windows XP back.
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