Are these CPU readings safe? - noob here

First, I must point out that I probably sound like an idiot who knows nothing about overclocking - and that's beacause I am. I really don't know much about OC-ing.

My PC:
AMD A8 7600 CPU (APU)
2x4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866MHz RAM
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050
Seagate BarraCuda 1TB

I know it's pretty old and outdated, but that doesn't matter now.

So, beacause I don't know how to properly overclock, I used the BIOS' automatic OC tuner. This will automatically overclock the system.

My processor's normal, non-OC frequency is 3,1GHz. On the box it says 3,8GHz is the Max Turbo - so that means that you mustn't overclock it more than 3,8GHz? Because the OC tuner does exactly that - after running it, I noticed that it will go as high as 3917MHz with a multiplier of
103,1 x 38.
I also noticed in the BIOS' "AI Tweak" settings page there is a value called "APU frequency - that has changed from 100 to 103 - so that is probably why my APU is running at higher speeds. And performance-wise I have no problem with it beacause in Cinebench 15 the results are better a little bit than before.

But shouldn't it be only overclocked to 3,8GHz? Could this +120MHz affect the lifespan of it?
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  1. Just look at CPU core voltage and temperature, if they are within parameters, all is OK.
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  2. CountMike said:
    Just look at CPU core voltage and temperature, if they are within parameters, all is OK.

    The temperatures are OK, but for voltages, I don't know if they are within parameters. but I do know that it goes from
    0.7some volts to 1.4some volts.
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    1.5v is fine with those processors.
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  4. Alright then, thanks
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