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I'm planning to upgrade my Graphics card so I can get a solid 60fps on warframe and the upcoming monster hunter. Can I ask what's the best possible graphics card that's compatible with my system?

MOBO: Intel DG451D
Procie: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
Memory: DDR2 4G
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  1. quite old system you have there,
    i suggest you to fully upgrade your system, as it might struggles a lot while playing new games, including Monster Hunter
    but, as what you asking, the best you can get with is a gtx 750ti
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  2. i just bought it for like 80$, do you think I can handle monster hunter using evga 750ti ftw?

    edit: it's really hard to find a evga 750ti ftw in our country so will a gtx 660 suffice?
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  3. well, I probably will say NO,
    looking at the minimum requirements, your system doesn't even meet the minimum requirements
    looking at game-debate, the game requires minimum of i5-6400, gtx 760 and 8gb rams

    660 is a better GPU than 750ti, but I don't know if the CPU will bottleneck the GPU while gaming (probably yes in most games)
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  4. hello again, i guess ill just buy the 660. Also will the 660ti be compatible with my current setup?
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  5. in most new games, the CPU might bottlenecks the 660ti,
    and yeah, your current setup might not be able to do heavy or multi tasking,
    go for 660 (if the price difference is little, might go for 660ti) , then save up and get a new rig
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