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I have been recently thinking of getting a SSD(Samsung 850 PRO) and I wanted to know about the procedure involved with transferring my OS over. Do I still have to clone my HDD to the SSD even if I am not completely getting rid of it? I am just gonna put my OS and a couple of games on the SSD. And if I do clone my HDD to my SSD, can I transfer the data like documents and such back to HDD? Do I also need to backup my HDD before cloning? Can I clone just OS and just keep my HDD like it is?
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  1. When cloning a disk, you don't loose anything on the disk you clone from. To clone a disk, your target drive has to be larger than total bytes used on source disk.
    I prefer making a backup of C: and all partitions used for system using Macrium Reflect Free and restoring them to SSD. I don't know which OS you have but for proper SSD operation you need to set SATA to AHCI mode and MR will recognize that and act accordingly.
    Other way would be to disconnect/remove old HDD, set SATA to AHCI and do clean windows install. After that, connect HDD again and delete all unused partitions on it but make sure personal data on C: partition is tucked safely away somewhere else. From deleted partitions you can make one empty partition or connect to eventually left over partition on HDD.
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