OBS Studio recording output not 60fps

I want to record my gameplay with OBS so I can have fun editing and uploading to YouTube. I have a problem that I've spent many hours trying to to fix.

When I'm recording, OBS will say it's recording at 60fps (consistently besides loading screens occasionally ) while I'm gaming, however when I watch the output, it is not nearly 60fps. It is visually choppy similar to having hardware not powerful enough to play games at 60fps and the fps is inconsistent. My game itself is smooth, sometimes choppy if I turn graphical settings up and my fps falls below 100. But I see no problems on my primary monitor that is playing the games.

Using the Steam Overlay FPS counter, I'm getting well over 100fps. I've tried many things to amend my problem and the only thing that has amended this problem has been to limit my Refresh rate to exactly 60 (or 30,120) on my 144hz monitor. This has led me to believe this has something to do with my refresh rate not displaying frames EXACTLY when OBS is ready for the next one. I've tried recording at 90fps and and 85fps but I still get the choppiness I experience when my refresh rate is 144. (i've also increased fps capture to 85 fps while limiting refresh rate to 85hz and this works but uses too much resources and is only smooth when my game is outputting 85fps, but hardware usage is too high at this point)

So I see that I can simply play at 60fps and record at 60fps, but that is extremely disappointing. I have a 144hz monitor that I can't use while recording gameplay. I've searched online for many hours and followed tutorials but none work.

I'm hoping that there is a fix for this as I see YouTube benchmark videos uploading 60fps vids while the fps counter says 144 or similar. Are they stuck with a refresh rate displaying solely 60fps while recording?

I've notice ONE mention that some people have a problem when faced with a diversity of monitors? My Primary is a 1440p 144hz 27' panel while secondary is a 1080 60hz 24'. Moreover I don't believe this is a hardware limitation because I've downscaled (changed base res and and scaled res) and recorded with small bitrates in Advanced tab (CBR and VBR at 500 through 40,000) and they all preform similar.

I've been testing this on Fallout 4, PlayerUnkowns Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: World War II.

PC specs
CPU - i5 8600k (OC 4.7ghz)
GPU - GTX 1080 stock
RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200mhz (OC to 3300)
SSD - Samsung Evo 850 500GB

OBS settings OBS Studio 20.1.3
Output Mode - Simple
Recording Quality - Indistinguishable Quality
Recording Format - mp4
Encoder - Software(x264 low CPU usage preset)
Base(Canvas) Resolution - 2560x1440
Output (Scaled) Resolution - 2560x1440
Downscale Filter - Bilinear (Fastest, but blurry if scaling)
Integer FPS value - 60
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