Repeated AI failure on ALL of my strategy games

I have HP Envy laptop, Core-i7, 8GB Ram, 840m Nvidia Gfx. Not really a gaming rig but still runs most of the games i play decently.
The extremely weird problem I've faced since i bought this 2 yrs ago is that every strategy game i play on it is runs fine initially. However the more i play the more broken the AI gets. The games I'm talking about are:
XCOM series
Civilization V and VI and all expansions
Total War: Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2
I know these games don't have smartest of AI already but i clearly know what most AI problems most of people face. My problem is worse:
In TW series for example, in almost every battle even at the hardest difficulty, the AI troops totally fail to form formations or to attack or even defend properly. Instead of forming standard lines and fighting, the AI troops would randomly move around in their lines. In one instance the all units started swapping their places continously in the middle of the battle for no reason.

Similarly, in Civilization VI for example, playing at the Immortal difficulty in ancient era, i had my lone city without walls surrounded by 7 aztec warriors, with I having just one slinger stationed inside city. The AI troops kept on moving and surrounding and then swapping positions around my capital, taking hits from my slungee, yet not once attacking or even leaving.
Is it my laptop or what?
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  1. I don't see computer hardware causing this. Try re-installing the games or trying them on another system to see what happens there.
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