Doubt whether or not my HDD is failing, and if I should upgrade.

I currently have a Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 2TB hard drive, and lately I've begun to suspect that it's starting to fail.
I'm unable to play videos from the drive as they will either lag too much, refuse to load or completely freeze. It's the same when I'm gaming, the game will either refuse to load, and when it finally does and I'm able to play, I'll frequently experience lag spikes and freezes for up to about 20 seconds at a time - rendering the game unplayable. Sony Vegas is almost unusable as well, since it either freezes for 5-10 seconds or crashes completely everytime i try to play back the video on the timeline (Sony Vegas is stored on the SSD, but all the project media is on the HDD)

I've tried playing the same videos on my SSD (I have a Samsung EVO 250GB as well), along with transferring my games to the SSD to see if it had any effect - and both the videos and games worked flawleslly on the SSD.

I've tested the read and write on the hard drive as well as testing it with Seagate's own Seatool, and both look fine. It passed the test just fine, and this is the benchmark results: (along with the rest of my components)

As I said, I'm on the verge of bying a new one, most likely the Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM00 3TB, as it's not too expensive.
Is there anything else I can try to fix this, or is an upgrade inevitable?
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  1. Can you post screenshot from HDtune health?
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  2. Sure!

    I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here, as this goes way beyond my tech knowledge, haha.

    For the record, HD Tune and the damn screenshot tool both crashed in the process.
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  3. You can clearly see there, that the disk is seriously damaged.
    It has overheated in the past and
    it has 15k relocated sectors and 120 pending sectors.

    Looks really bad. I suggest replacing it.

    And improve cooling of your system or your next HDD will probably end the same.
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  4. Well that's unfortunate. I'll replace it.
    The thing about cooling, though - how can I improve it? I have a s340 elite and the drive is pretty much locked away
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  5. This one?
    And where are you putting your drives? Do they get any airflow?
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  6. That's the one.
    The drives are located in the bottom right corner, under the PSU shroud right behind the side-mounted SSD caddy. They don't get much airflow, if any at all.
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  7. That looks like a terrible place to put drives in.
    You'll have to figure out, how to put a fan in there to blow some air on your drives.
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  8. This solution would work. But these small fans tend to be rather noisy.
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