All CPU Cores at 90% in GTA V

I have had this setup since September 2015:

AMD Athlon X4 860K
MSI A68HM-E33 V2
8GB Kingston RAM 1600 MHz
500 GB Seagate HDD
Corsair CX430 PSU

And I was able to play GTA V since about 2016 and it was playable at 1080p at around 40-60 fps. Now it is at 20-30 fps with mostly below 30 fps.

I have tried clean installs of windows 10 and also tried windows 7 but still no solution found. Any advice on what I should do?
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    What GPU are you using?
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  2. Sorry forgot to say. GTX 750 Ti
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  3. Well did your settings change? Do you have the latest driver installed?
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  4. Yes I have the latest drivers installed. Tested all settings in 1080p from lowest to highest and it feels like a performance degrade. I used to be able to run on a mixture of normal and high settings (GTA V settings is Normal, High, Very High) and now I can't. I have not changed anything in the system. The game just seems unplayable now.
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  5. Have you checked your temperatures?
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  6. No forgot to. Currently adjusting my pc ATM. However, my CPU idles at 50°C and the cpu stock cooler is noisy as hell when playing.
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  7. Well you should check your temps while playing your game. Use MSI Afterburner on-screen display and/or install HWInfo and let it run in the background and check max temp.
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  8. Ok let me get back to you once I am done adjusting my pc and reinstalling Windows.
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  9. CPU is at 63°C-64°C and GPU is at 70°C-80°C
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  10. Is that really high? My CPU cores are at 90% and it feels like a CPU bottleneck as the GPU is at lower percentages. More like 60-80% ish for the GPU.
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