Reapplying thermal paste when changing motherboards

So I finished setting up my pc last week to find out i need a new motherboard, while we were setting it up we added new thermal paste to the cpu. I have the new motherboard coming tomorrow do I need to re add the thermal paste when switch the motherboards? Or is the thermal paste we add less then a week ago fine?
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  1. You should always clean the old TIM from the mating surfaces and apply new whenever the cooler/CPU contact has been disturbed. Not because it is too old, but because you are trying to avoid introducing microscopic air bubbles in the TIM.

    Having said that... I have skipped the clean/reapply operation a few times when I was in a hurry and the CPU wasn't being OC'ed. But it is best to always start over and use fresh.
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  2. As mentioned, it is always advised to clean it off and reapply the paste. But if you are just trying new/old parts making sure they work, as long as the paste is not dried out, you don't necessarily have to clean it up and reapply.

    I've done this myself when I ran out of Arctic Silver and reused the paste that was on the bottom of the cooler. But if you intend to keep it together for long periods, I recommend you clean and reapply, its not really that time consuming unless you are one of them people who takes the time to spread the paste manually.
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