SSD Internal channel bandwidth

I dont understand how SSD internal architecture is.

Based on ONFI4.1 standard, NVDDR3 die has 8bit data lane and can run at 1200MTps effectively providing about 1GBps as bandwidth.
On the other hand, in a SSD, there are many channels (typically 4-32) stacked with multiple dies (4-16). If SATA3 is used as interface protocol, then maximum protocol bandwidth is about 600MBps. If NVMe, then its about 4GBps (read). What I dont understand is what is the internal bandwidth between the two and what is causing the reduction of total bandwidth from die to interface. Any thoughts? (More explanation if needed - 4 channel will provide 16GBps effective Bandwidth! But that is not what interface provides. Bottom-line - what is the actual internal channel bandwidth?)
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