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Hello guys, I got an Kingston 120gb SSD and recently my pc crashed and it can't boot from this SSD any more. I tried to connect it to another pc and format it but even when I'm trying to boot from another drive I just getting a forever loading screen. Also when I boot from win7, win xp, win 8.1, win10 bootable usb and trying to go safe mode I still can't reach it, the system crash before I do. I should notice that when I'm doing repair disc I'm getting another forever loading screen but I think this is a common thing for SSD. I thought to get a sata to usb adaptor and plug the SSD in when my OS is running you think that might help? Does anyone have any suggestion to solve that problem?
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  1. Yes, use USB to SATA adapter to bypass booting problems so you can check SSD properly.
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