What plate x299 I choose?

Hi again, I would like to update my badge, and for that I was looking at one.

I already have the processor an i7 7820x, from zocalo 2066, and that's why the board has to be x299. My memories are a gskill trident z of 4266 mhz

I was dubbing between these two:
- Intel X299 Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 7 or 9
- Msi X299 GAMING M7 ACK

I do not want to spend so much on the plate, because you know how fast this progresses ...
What do you think? Is it worth spending $ 450 on the aorus or will I go for the msi?

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  1. Intel X299 Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 7 or 9 WOULD BE MY CHOICE and Gigabyte has better quality control.
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  2. But what are their main differences?
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