Planning to overclock my i5-4670k

Hello everyone,
Planning to overclock my CPU and determined that some of my components need to be upgraded, mainly the CPU fan and Motherboard. I would like to know what components will work well with my rig and if there are any other aspects that need to be addressed.

My Rig
CPU: i5-4670k with stock fan (I know the fan is really bad)
GPU: GeForce GTX 770 EVGA SC W/ ACX Edition SLI (02G-P4-2774-KR)
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-B85N
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600
Storage: Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB
PSU: Corsair CX Series CX600 600W 80 Plus Bronze
OS: Windows 7 64
Case: BitFenix Prodigy (Black)
Fans: 2 x 120mm stock fans (Came with the case)
1 x 200mm AeroCool Silent Master (Blue LED)
Age of all components: 4 Years

From my research, I need a better fan but do not want it water cooled. I’m thinking of the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO but if you know any good fans that are smaller, that will help. I also found that it’s best to use different thermo paste like Arctic Silver than what the fans come with, better materials for better cooling. Next, my motherboard needs to be upgraded because from what I saw, it can’t run overclocked CPU or at least poorly. I would like to know if that’s true and what’s a good repayment would be. It will have to support my current CPU and RAM if possible and be an ITX motherboard in order to fit in my case. If you see any other issues with my rig or what I should keep an eye on, please let me know.

I appreciate any and all assistance.
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  1. It depends on what overclock you want to achieve, If you want a mild overclock and nothing to crazy, a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo is a good cheap cooler that will land you around 4.3 to 4.5ghz and should fit in your case.

    If you want something higher end but still air cooling, Noctua Nh-d14 or Noctua Nh-d15 which will fit in the case, but will limit the amount of room you have and if you have a DVD player you may not be able to fit the cooler in unless you take the DVD player out. These coolers should land ya around 4.8ghz if your chip is good enough, of course there are many factors involved that could limit your max overclock, you may or may not get past 4.5ghz, or you may have a really good chip.

    You can fit a 240mm AIO cooler in the case, but again you will have to get rid of your DVD player if you have one. Corsair H100i will land ya about that same as the Noctua coolers I listed, but you will have more room in the case and it could possibly be quieter with different fans or a different 240mm cooler that has quiet fans, H100i is not vary quiet.

    Only reason I recommend the H100i is due to the warranty, 5 year warrenty on a AIO is pretty good and if it leaked and destroyed the system corsair will replace every part. Can't say that about other companies that sell AIO's.

    These prices are based in USD, so not entirely sure where you are from and what the prices are like or availability is like in other countries.

    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
    I have 3 of these cooling a few systems, they work pretty good for the price and gives you hardware to install another fan. Not the quietest tho.

    Noctua Nh-d14
    Noctua Nh-d15
    Awesome coolers!

    H100i v2
    I've built a few systems with these, My old H100i was able to keep my FX8320 under control at 5ghz, that CPU ran really hot. Though the pump started to make noise and corsair replaced it with the updated v2 no questions asked, it was 4 years old. I still have my original H100 which is going on 8 years old, still going strong.

    There are many other decent coolers that will do the job, I just listed the few that I've used and had good experiences with.
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  2. Thanks for your in-site on cooling, that helped me a great deal.
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