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I’m currently overclocking my GPU (1070 ti) with Msi Afterburner. I got my core clock up to +185 MHz. My question is about the memory Oc. I feel like mine is really low. So far I’ve only gotten it to +115 MHz. My Unigen Heaven crashes at +125 MHz (as I was writing this it crashed at +100 MHz). At base I got a score or 3307. At +185 core and no memory oc I got 3473. My highest score was with +185 core and +75 memory I got 3514. Is this a good overclock? Did I lose the lottery lol. Someone tell me how u feel about this. Anything I should try? Thanks :)
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    Question from JoBrooks : "Unigine Heaven Benchmark"

    Quick question about me using Unigine Heaven 4.0 while testing my OC. If I run a test more than once the score will drop each time I run it. I OC’d my gpu with +185 core clock and ran Unigine and got a score of 3478. I ran it with +185 core and +75 memory and got a 3514. I then attempted these tests multiple times, each time my score going down and sometimes it crashing. What’s the problem? Thanks :)
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