Help me OC an i5 3570K on a cheap MSI MB!

Ok, the Motherboard in question is the very cheap H61M-P20/W8, I think it's the cheapest you can buy for the 1155 socket today. But it comes with OC'ing options in its BIOS, including the "Genius OC" option.

I've tried to OC it once but Windows and CPU-z told me the clock remained the same, despite the Bios saying it went from 3.4Ghz up to 3.8Ghz. So, pls help me OC this cpu on this poor MB!!

Thx in advance for any input!

PS: I'm using the stock Intel cooler as well.
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  1. You cant OC on a non OC'able motherboard. You need a Z series if im not mistaken.
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