CPU OC Not Showing in Windows or anything else??

Hey guys I recently overclocked my i7-4790k and was able to push it to 4.7GHz. However although this shows in the tuning utility it doesn't show on anything else? Windows says 4GHz, CPU Z says 4.4 and the tuning utility says 4.7....I don't understand haha. Is it maybe because I haven't done it in the BIOS? As far as I was aware I didn't have to when using this utility. Thanks in advance.

I followed this video Also as you can see in the bottom left on his it shows his max core frequency being the same as his OC. On mine it says 4.4 rather than my chosen OC of 4.7? What have I missed. Why is mine doing this?
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    Try overclocking using the BIOS, and see if the overclock shows up
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