What is the best drive to copy scratched DVDs?

Internal or external.
I have some badly scatched DVDs and in the past my plextor drive always read them but now it has died and I need a new one to replace it.
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  1. I actually have a polisher for buffing not too deep scratches out of optical media.

    Anyhow, I've the most luck with with Sony and Pioneer if you can find them.
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  2. This is a laptop or desktop? I can't tell. If laptop, I recommend any well-regarded external DC/DVD reader and whatever strong reading/ignore-errors software you can find.
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  3. desktop
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  4. Deaktop, gotcha! I wasn't sure earlier. Hopefully, the software will "make" the CD\DVD reader run as slow as possible. I'm not sure if ignore-errors software setting will allow the creation of playable MP4s.
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