New to OC and curious about my setup

I7-7700k running at 4.6ghz stable temps at 48-51oC, nvidia 1070 ti core clock at 2000 mem clock at 4202, steady at 75oC after 1 hour of timespy test 1 getting 50fps of 2K output, is this good? I'm really a compete idiot about this stuff, first build ever, and I'm just trying to get the most out of my hardware. I know my temps are well within limits, I'm actually curious how far I can push rig.
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  1. What kind of cooling do you have?

    75c for GPU is ok, but don't let it go over 85

    Also what is your cpu voltage, you should max go up to 1.4v and that is if you have liquid cooling.
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  2. You also can't forget that synthetic loads are different than actual gameplay and the biggest performance boost you'll see in futuremark is a OC to your CPU.
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