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Hi im really concerned about this i bought two of the G.Skill RGB trident z (2x8) 3200mhz and an i7 7700k i saw people using the xmp and i thought If i use xmp to upgrade the frequency from 2133mhz to 3200mhz will i have to overclock the cpu? Can someone reply if i have to overclock my cpu to have 3200mhz as frequency all the time? Thank you all
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    Nobody can tell you that for sure. All you can do is try. What one system does is not necessarily the same as what another, even identical, system will do. Try setting the XMP value and if it won't POST then try raising the memory voltage .05v, save setting and try again.

    If it still won't POST then it's likely you'll need at least a moderate overclock to achieve that speed. I've found many of these systems WILL POST at 3000mhz without an overclock so if all else fails and you do not want to overclock the CPU (Due to a lack of sufficient cooling or whatever reason you might have) you can possibly run them at 3000mhz without having to do so. Personally I'd recommend configuring a moderate manual overclock in the bios if they won't run natively.
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    Question from patriciovillagra76 : "Trident z Gskill rgb 32 GB 3200MHZ"

    I have an i7 7700K and 3200 mhz of ddr4 and i am getting only 2133 mhz i wanted to upgrade the mhz and have the 3200 mhz i deserve i wanted to know if using the xmp is just fine or will i have to overclock my cpu and then use the xmp? What do i have to do to get the 3200mhz without overclocking? Will i have to overclock?
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    Question from patriciovillagra76 : "Trident z rgb 32 GB"

    I was wondering if my i7 7700K needs to be overcloked for me to have 3200mhz of ram with xmp or it doesn't thanks all of you
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