Almost every game restarts my laptop

I wanted to play Richard Burns Rally so i downloaded it, i played for a few days and the game was wonderfull so i download RBR World which is an online mod with more stages and cars,i downloaded the stages and the cars now every time i click go,to start a stage the games starts loading a white screen appears (just taking half the screen) the pc goes black and the bamm restarts, so i went to play the original RBR and when i opened the game the computer restarted and i don't know what to do the only game i am able to play i Counter-Strike:Source
I thought my laptop was overheating so i checked with my hand and it was cold and the cpu usage is only at 20-40% my ram 40 to 60% and my disk 0-20%
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  1. Where did you download RBR from?
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    Question from francisoli03 : "Direct 3D causing problems please help!"

    francisoli03 said:
    One of my favorite games is Richard Burns Rally i could play it fine but today i finished de installation of RBR WORLD a mod to play online and adds 200 stages and 250 cars but every time i try to play with the modern rally cars i think even all of the cars na error pops up saying "Could not find any Direct3D devices"
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  3. Well i uninstalled RBR world and installed RSRBR which another add on to the game but the problema still persists the thing is without the add-ons the game works fine
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  4. what your gpu? which driver?
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