Do I need to update my PSU after upgrading CPU and GPU?

Hello everyone! I'm running my PC on intel pengium G2030 3.00 GHz and dedicated graphics. Now I've planned to upgrade PC to core i3 7100 @ 3.9 GHz, Sapphire pulse radeon RX 550 GDDR5 and also planned to change motherboard to GIGABYTE GA-H110M-s2 LGA 1151. So do I need to update my PSU as well? Here's a image of my current PSU
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    Yes update it!
    It’s a great way to future proof your build, that psu may be rated at 500w but never skimp on the quality, it could fry your other components and be a waste of your hard earned cash, I’ve put a couple of recommendations below:

    For around £40 ($55) it’s worthwhile, I use Corsair power supplies because I trust them but evga is another reputable brand.
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  2. Thanks @chip_ bit if i test component with current psu then what errors may occur in new components and if it works well and i upgrade psu afterward aill it be a problem?
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  3. You have 19A on the 12V rail which powers most of the computer so 228W. This is not a 500W PSU despite what is says. And it will be cheap, likely with little or no circuit protection. As well, don't know how old it is but cheap PSU's can lose 20% of the wattage over a five year period, so say 182W. Mobo, CPU and GPU alone will consume in the region of 176W. I hear a big pop and lots of wailing in your future unless you replace this PSU.
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  4. Your current PSU has 19 amperes on 12 V line, so it is roughly 250 W unit. While in theory that should be enough, I doubt the quality of it is anything near good. So I would strongly advise to change it. While the units recommended above are vastly superior to yours, I still would not call them good. Look for Corsair CX450M, or Vengeance 500, or almost any SeaSonic unit.
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  5. Imsqam makes the very good point of losing wattage, which is why I would recommend not even trying to test new components with that psu.

    In terms of errors, you can expect it to not post (when the starting screen does not show up) , and to make a whining noise (you will know it when you hear it), these are the two biggest problems you will face. Sometimes it’s best to just avoid salvaging it and throw it away.

    On that important note, recycle it properly! Don’t just bin it, take it to a pc store such as curry’s pcworld if you are in the uk ( I don’t know about the US) and ask them to dispose of it, they have to follow WEEE protocols and will be sorted safely!
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