Problem overclocking i7 8700k

So I have a z370 asrock extreme 4 and I'm trying to overclock my i7 8700k to 5GHz but can't even get it to 4.7 on a decent voltage and yet still crashes, I'm running a pre set 4.7 oc cuz Manual which works fine for my i7 6700k which is 4.7 and a Lower voltage doesnt work. So i7 8700k 4.7 1.36 v and my mates machine 4.7 1.30. Is there any other thing that needs to be changed in the bios because should be getting 5GHz and that current voltage of 1.36, if anyone knows fix would be good thanks
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  1. Sounds like you just didn’t get the win on the silicon lottery! You can push the voltage a tad more on a coffee lake board assuming it’s decent quality (my personal experience with asrock is not that great), other than that make sure the thermals are stable, otherwise you’ll fry it, it’s better to be stable at 4.7Ghz and 1.36v than 5Ghz with anything above 1.4v

    Put your specs in there and check your psu can handle it first as well!
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  2. What CPU cooling are you using?
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