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Hello everyone! I'm new here...
Anyway I have a deepcool genome computer case it already came with a pump and a radiator built in, the pump has recently died on me. I'm looking for a replacement one, just the pump itself though because honestly I really like the three fans it has and the radiator. I'm kind of new to water cooling so if I do that "replace the pump" will I have to add new liquid in there? Any recommendations for compatible pumps for the deepcool genome? Once again just the pump.
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  1. You would need to essentially replace the CPU block/pump unit with an alternative block and pump, whether those are a similar AIO unit or something else. If you want to do it properly, you would want to RMA the pump. How long have you had it and how do you know the pump has died?

    All that cooler appears to be is simply a DeepCool Captain 360 with extra ports on the radiator for the spiral reservoir, which serves no real purpose other than display.
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  2. I am running Alphacool eisberg 280. I dont know if there is a standard for the watercables but it is mentioned as G1/4s I think. But if you are lucky you can check out their site and just buy the pump if it matches. If it doesn't you can always buy a new radiator too. Or check out some other brand, but I understand you would want to keep your radiator.
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  3. G1/4 is a fitting thread size, it has no bearing on the actual size of the tubing to be used. The ID and OD (inside/outside diameter) corresponds to the tubing and the wall thickness.

    I would still recommend contacting Deepcool for warranty and RMA. A quick look shows that their products are between 1-3 year warranty.
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