Random Freezing getting worse


About 2-3 weeks ago I built a new PC:

Ryzen 3 1200
ASRock AB350M Pro 4
Samsung 850 EVO SSD
EVGA GTX 1060 3 GB
1 Dimm 8GB DDR4 (GSKILL Aegis)
Windows 10

Was using it and playing games fine for a while. Once every couple days the PC would freeze up and required a hard boot, but I kinda ignored it. This week it started getting a little worse so I began trying to fix it, which either made it worse or it got worse on its own.

It started freezing mostly when playing games, now all the time. When I say freeze, the screen is still on, sound sometimes loops or starts making weird static sounds. I am able to still see the keyboard light change if I hit the Caps lock or num lock keys, but Ctrl alt del and other key presses seem to do nothing. The only way to get rid of it was to press the reset button. Never had a BSOD and there is nothing in the Event Viewer other than error 41 after I reboot saying PC wasn't shut down properly.

I've tried everything I could think of and read online, but am now out of ideas. I reinstalled Windows, removed and reinstalled drivers, updated bios, removed and reseated all parts, ran HD diagnostics, ran Mem86 and Windows Memory diagnostics, ran Prime95, ran FurMark and more. I figure it must be hardware related (and probably Mobo), but I don't have any spare working parts to try. I might go buy a PSU today to make sure that isn't the culprit, but any other help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Turns out if I put the GPU in the PCI-e 2.0 slot, everything is working fine. I think it only runs at X4 vs X16 for the 3.0, will that cause any problems. Is the fact that one slot is not working properly mean to mobo is defective? Or would it be the GPU?
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