MB temperature higher than CPU (CPU +64°C load, MB +73°C load)


Motherboard: MSI B350M Bazooka mATX
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 3.8Ghz at 1.3V
CPU cooler: Cryorig H7
RAM: G.Skill RipJaws V DDR4-3200 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit 2x8GB (running at 3066mhz).
GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB
PSU: EVGA Supernova 650W GQ 80+ Gold
Case: Fractal Design Define C Mini Window

Idle temps: CPU +30°C, MB +39°C
League of legends, 30min play temps: CPU +40°C, MB +50°C
Aida64 1min stess test temps: CPU +61°C, MB +58°C
Aida 64 15min stress test temps: CPU +64°C, MB +73°C!

Idle temps: http://
League of Legends, 30min temps: http://
Aida64, 1 minute temps: http://
Aida64, 15 minutes temps: http://
PC interior: http://

Hi all,

Should I be worried, that motherboard temperature is always higher than CPU? Please check screenshots above. With little bit of research over internet, seems like motherboard temperature
refers to VRM temperature. Also I have mATX case, with really big CPU cooler (see picture, PC interior, will it block the cold airflow to sensor). Maybe the CPU fan blows hot air directly to motherboard sensor? But still cannot understand Aida64 15min temperature values (CPU +64°C, MB +73°C).

Before I installed top fans, MB temperature was around 77-80°C after 30 minutes Aida64 stress test. So not much improvement. Used this 3pin -> 4x 3pin molex cable for additional fans, so
fans are running half of the voltage at the moment (right?).

Let me know should I be worried, is MB temperature sensor broken or any other ways to explain high motherboard temperatures. And the most important question, will this high temperature affect to motherboard lifespan?

Thanks guys,
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  1. If it's refering to VRM/MOSFETS it is natural, as temps can hit even more than this. It is when you identify thermal throttle of cpu to worry about. I can see heatsinks to your vrm so all it is left is to have a good case airflow, which i think you already have.
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