Stuck CPU Voltage

i5 8600k
MSI z370 Gaming Carbon

Whenever I try to overclock my cpu, when I raise the voltage it doesn't actually change. For example I set the voltage on my cpu to 1.24 volts, but upon looking at the volts using hardware monitor, it stays at 1.21 volts and spikes at 1.245 volts randomly. I'm unsure how to fix this and it does not allow me to overclock any faster as if I were to do 5Ghz ( I'm at 4.6 now) I would need more volts but this doesn't allow me to give the cpu more volts, any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Your voltage will not always be the same throughout your usage of the pc, it will increase or decrease depending on how much you are loading it. What you are describing, is normal behaviour of the voltage. To get to 5GHz you will need more than 1.245V, first try 4.8GHz at 1.35V and see where that gets you.
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