Are these temperatures ok?


I'm new to this forum and not a gamer (just as ASUS FAN).

Could you please tell me if these temperatures are ok after a stress test?

Onlly 8GB of RAM because my 16GB pack had a problem and i'm waiting for the new ones.
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  1. What was your Ambient temperature? (Standard or "normal" is 22°C or 72°F.)

    What test(s) were you running?

    What cooling are you running?

    Maximum Core temperature was 71°C (Core #1) with all Cores at 4.5 GHz / 1.280 Core voltage / 61 Watts. The i7 7700K is a 91 Watt processor, so that means you were only running at 67% Thermal Design Power (TDP) which is just 67% or 2/3 workload.

    Here's the operating range for Core temperature:

    Core temperatures above 85°C aren't recommended. temperatures increase and decrease with Ambient temperature.

    Although 71°C is certainly OK for now, without knowing your ambient temperature or cooling solution, we can still predict that if you ran a 100% workload, especially during higher ambient temperatures, you probably wouldn't have enough cooling capacity to maintain Core temperatures under 85°C.

    You might want to read this: Intel Temperature Guide -

    CT :sol:
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  2. Thank you for your reply.

    Ambient temperature was about 20c and I was running the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.
    Cooling system is the Cooler Master Seidon 120v V3 Plus.

    I would like very much to improve these temperatures with the help of all of you.
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  3. Sorry to pop your bubble, but AIO 120's aren't very capable coolers for the 7700K, or any i7's for that matter. If your case won't accomodate a 240 or more, then you're better off with big-air, unless your case won't accomodate that either. Also, it's worth mentioning that big-air is typically quieter than AIO's.
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