ASUS Keyboard ROG Claymore uses keys automatically after I alt+tab

Hello. I got ASUS ROG Claymore for christmas and I was really happy with it after using it for 2 days, but then the keyboard suddenly started to tab me back into my previous tab automatically and when tabbing into a web browser, it scrolls downwards before tabbing me back to my previous tab. I have the keyboard connected to the laptop and the laptops keyboard seems to be working perfectly, when I use that instead of the new one. I have downloade dthe ASUS Armoury Driver for the keyboard and it managed to temporarily keep it from happening, but now it happens at random.

Thanks for any help in advance:)
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  1. Fixed it by formatting my PC and that fixed the issue with ASUS Armoury crashing when I tried to open it. I opened ASUS Armoury and it automatically updated the keyboard, fixed the issue and I could customize the RGB more.
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