Gigabyte Aorus Z270x Gaming 5 - i7 7700k @ 5gHz - Corsair LED 3000 2x16gb @ 3000 - msi GTX 1080 ti - Evo 960 nvme

I can get Either the CPU at 5gHz or the RAM @ 3000 but trying for both always results in a bootloop...

Should this technically be possible?

2133 seems to be the highest RAM speed it can handle.I

Conversely, with RAM at 3000 I seem stuck @ 4.6 for CPU

If it's not possible, would I benefit more from the CPU clock @ 5 or the RAM clock @ 3000?

This is a dedicated gaming machine, so the OC is more about hitting the best Passmark bench for bragging rights at work than it is a need for better performance..

This rig seems to blast out any game at ultra with the stock speeds.
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  1. 3000Mhz ram seems a bit unnecessary, maybe see if you can get it to 2400? If not stick with the 2133Mhz speed and go with the CPU overclock. You will benefit more in performance with the CPU overclocked, as for why it can't handle 3000Mhz is because I don't think the i7700k OFFICIALLY supports that speed, I believe you can achieve it with Z270 boards or something, (thats just what I read online correct me if I'm wrong please) but that may be why...
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