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I have an AB350M Pro4.

With Ryzen 1200 the maximum stable speed I can achieve only 3850Mhz, for this I need to set Cpu voltage 1.4V already... And 1.8V to 1.85V
I read many reviews about Ryzen 1200 that users could set 3.9-4.1Ghz with 1.4V without any problem... I can set too, but Prime95 test fail after minutes.

For Memory overclock I have a HX424C15FBK2/8, for this I can reach maximum 2666Mhz safely only. For 2800Mhz I set 1.35V and loosen timings but Prime95 fail after half an hour. For 2933 fail after seconds.
For this memory kit I read in the Reviews and other users easily can bump into 3000Mhz, and up to 3200Mhz with timings change.

Maybe this board is not OC friendly?
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  1. 3.85GHz is good, not everyone will get the same results, some are lucky, some aren't.
    Did you say you need to make the cpu voltage 1.8V to get to 3.8Ghz, these chips should be max on 1.45V,

    As for the ram, what is the rated speed of your ram, I think it is 2400MHz so overclocking it to 2666MHZ is max you should expect from it.
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  2. I mean the 1.8V to 1.85V:
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  3. Hello. As furkan68k18 said every chip overclocks differently and also the most important thing about overclocking is your MB which yours is kind of cheap leading me to believe it does not have the capability of maintaing higher clocks.
    Have you tried OCing only the CPU leaving the RAM at stock speeds? Prime 95 stresses not only your CPU but your RAM aswell so any slight instability can be aggravated by OCing the RAM.
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  4. Only the CPU Oc is 1.4V 3850Mhz too.

    I don't know If Ryzen 1200 or Ab350M Pro4 reaches it's maximum capacibility, because both are entry-level components.
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  5. The ab350m is a micro atx board so I'm guessing that's the limiting factor, but honestly even with an atx board I wouldn't expect more than 3.9, so 3.85 is decent imo.
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