Are standard noctua fans good for a kraken x62?

Ok so after reading tons of material, I decided to go with kraken x62.

I already have 2 noctua brown (non industrial) as my intake (s340 elite).

I want to put them on the x62 and my question is: it will be good to hold a i5 8600k at 5.0ghz? Or I must have the industrial noctua version - or leave the nzxt stock fans and abandon my brown noctua :(

I undertand that the industrial version of noctua is more similar to the nzxt fans... But I really like to keep and use my brown ones...

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  1. Any good soul?
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  2. I’d personally put the noctuas on the cooler and use the nzxts as exhausts, however you’d have to test it yourself with stable temps at idle and on load

    In my opinion the more fans in the case the better anyway, noise doesn’t bother me bc I have a good headset, so I’d crank up the fans and let it run.

    Good luck!
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  3. Thanks, Chip!

    I already have other 2 noctua as my exhaust, so I may end up selling the nzxt fans if the noctua ones are ok for the radiator holding the 8600k at 5ghz
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  4. I’d keep the nzxt fans personally just in case you do a case upgrade, as they are actually decent quality, you can also use them for cold air fans at the front if you have space!
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