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Hello, I have as a 2nd PC Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo E5720 with Windows XP. I want to max out possible upgrades with a remark that Windows XP stays probably forever on it. Currently it is E4600 inside, best CPU it supports is E8500 which I already bought and waiting for the delivery. There is 4 gb DDR2 inside that is fine don't need more.
Regarding GPU the case is SFF and it supports low profile cards. Now obviously I could put gtx 1050 but it doesn't make sense - I wana be able to play games including year 2012-2013 on it, it is enough. Also I think that gtx 750 is overkill as it costs more than whole PC.
So what do you guys recommend? I need something cheap, with 512-1 gb video ram, very silent or passively cooled and with low consumption because PSU is 300w.
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  1. Theoretically speaking, what could I expect with GTX 750ti or even 1050ti in such a system when it comes to games? Screen resolution is 1600*1050 (or something like that)
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  2. go for gt 1030 passive cooled. Mine is working like heaven
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