All video games are frame skipping with HIGH FPS AND FAST INTERNET

i had this pc since 11 months ago, everything was cool but last month i start to notice that league of legends and other games were frame skipping, like if the images were having a trouble charging, they freeze for a second. but the fps are in 60 or more and my internet is okey

i really dont know what to do, this is what i have tried so far;

-check the computer temperature, everything is fine
-check that my nvidia drivers are updated
-use antivirus and antimalwares
-uninstall everything that i dont use or that may cause some trouble
-clean my pc inside
-install older nvidia drivers

i really dont know what to do, maybe the windows updates are messing something up?

these are mi specs

geforce gtx 970
AMD A10-7800
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  1. Your CPU might be bottlenecking your GPU. Make 100% sure, you have the newest drivers. Download windows updates. Try capping your FPS at 60.
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  2. Which Windows?
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  3. boju said:
    Which Windows?

    windows 10
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  4. If it was a hardware problem with cpu/gpu pausing you would see the fps counter and usage go to 0. Check cpu gpu usage in msi afterburner turning on overlay so you can watch while you play.

    If frame skipping is only happening in online games then its internet lag. Try games offline.
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