How to Update H80i Firmware - Corsair Link not working

Hi all,

I bought a second hand H80i a week ago and installed it without any issues. I wanted to use Corsair Link to adjust the pump speed (it is a constant 2143 rpm regardless of mode), but didn't have the option. The LED is also not working...

The firmware version is 1.0.4, but there's no update options in Options > Devices. It just opens up a window showing the H80i, with no buttons available.

I've reinstalled Corsair Link (deleting all files), and backdated to a previous version, restarted many times, and now I'm lost.

Any ideas on how to update this firmware?


3570k @ 4.4Ghz with a H80i
ASRock Z77 Extreme-4-m
24 GB Corsair Ram
Gigabyte 980ti G1
850 Evo 500 GB SSD
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  1. Lol turned out I just had to throw another day at it haha.

    For anyone else stuck:

    Corsair Link 4 won't update firmware, you have to uninstall CL4, find a copy of Corsair Link v3.2.5742, install it, then it'll prompt you to update the firmware. It took me two installs before the dialogue box popped up.

    This hasn't actually changed anything - the LED isn't working and CL4 has no pump control at all... so, still going haha
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  2. That might not be a firmware issue then, it could be something else entirely. Have you reached out to Corsair support?
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  3. I contacted technical support, doesn't seem to have a great reputation lol. We'll see though..
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  4. from my experience, you dont need the corsair link (i only used it to disable the LED feature tho :)) and most modern boards dont have the 3pin usb header onboard. lke the z370s. with just the cpu_fan header, my h80i has been working perfectly for 3 years without ever using the corsair link tho. just saying this in case, you are deciding not to use it anymore and there will be no problem without it.
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