Bios recognizes old hard drive, windows 10 doesn't

BIOS is ASROCK from an H97 Pro4 motherboard.

I just upgraded my PC to an SSD. I unplugged my old hard drive, installed Windows on the SSD, plugged my drive back in, booted to the SSD and Windows doesn't recognize my old HDD in disk management or otherwise anymore.

The BIOS recognizes it, but not in the boot order. I can only select my USB(When plugged in) or the SSD. If I went into boot selection screen directly (F11) I could boot into my old HDD, which I'm currently using. My HDD recognizes the SSD in disk manager as un-allocated space.

I believe I need use Windows on the SSD to reformat the HDD for storage space.

SSD on boot order, HDD not.
HDD on separate boot device screen, and recognized in BIOS Storage settings
Boot from SSD -> Disk Manager doesn't find HDD
Boot from HDD -> Disk Manager recognizes SSD as un-allocated space

SSD has only windows installed at this point. HDD has old Windows and all other data.

Other forum posts I've seen point to the HDD being dead, but obviously it isn't as I'm typing on the HDD right now.
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    I fixed it by running the troubleshooter a 2nd time.

    Just search Troubleshooter in windows search, and run "Hardware and Devices" troubleshooter then restart if it tells you to.
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