PC Shuts off then turns back on itself even when browsing internet


I have a custom built PC owned for nearly 3 years i think, I've been gaming on it fine since day one. Just a few days ago i turned my PC on and on the desktop screen it shut off automatically and switched on by itself, l then started playing FIFA 18 for a few hours and it then shut off again.

Also, today after a few hours on the PC browsing on Firefox (no gaming) it shut off and turned back on automatically.

I've checked the CPU temps while gaming and its max 48 degrees.

Could someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

PC specs,

Intel i5-4690k (not oc)
hyper x fury 8gb ram ddr3
asrock h97m mobo
cooler master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler
1tb wd HDD
evga gtx 960 ssc (not oc)
XFX XTR 650W 80+ Gold
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  1. Check if your GPU fan is still working, since it might be GPU issue rather a CPU problem, old GPU with excessive dirt can cause fan jamming. Browsing internet will use GPU as well, keep that in mind.
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  2. thanks for your reply, since i asked it switched off a few more times, the GPU fans are spinning fine. However, i flipped the PC over and on start up the psu fan does not spin even a little bit, is this supposed to happen? or only when reached enough wattage?
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  3. it did just spin but only for a few seconds.
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  4. PSU fan should spin all the time, unless you did not connect it right on the MOBO.
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