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Any good 4th gen CPUs?

So I thought of upgrading my old HP pc for gaming on a tight budget and after I got all the parts it stops working before I could set it up. Apparently my cpu is fried, no idea how that could happen, anyways while I get that checked I could use some help to pick a new cpu(if I’ll need one) that’ll fit my mboard. Thanks in advance.
i5-4590s(probably fried)
Asus h97m-e
Sapphire R7 370 2gb dual-x oc
8gb ram (1 hyperx, 1 standard)
Tr2 S 500W psu
WD blue 500gb

Also here’s the compatible CPU list It would be great if you guys could recommend a few CPUs, cause I’ll be buying what i could find first.
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  1. Depends on what you can find, I lucked out a few months ago and found a brand new i5-4590 for $140. For upgrade though I'd probably look at a i7 (4770/4770k/4790/4790K). Just make sure you fixed whatever caused your 4590S to die.
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    Depends on how much you want to spend but you can find a i7-4790 for around $200+ on ebay. The best CPU you can use is the i7-5775c goes for around $300+ on ebay.

    Of course if you just want performance without breaking the bank just stick with an i5 like hte 4590 Wildcard mentioned.
  3. As long as it's an i5 or better you can't go wrong. The "s" means it was a lower power version, your old one. So it ran a bit slower than a normal one, and used less power.

    Static electricity can kill components. Try to ground yourself when working on this stuff.
  4. I personally would go for a i7 4810MQ. It has a Base clock of 2,8GHz, and a turbo boost clock of 3,8GHz. And Has hyperthreading with 4 cores in it. I would recommend overclocking this CPU. Since you don't have a laptop & this is a Laptop CPU. I hope this helped ya
  5. If youve got the budget id suggest ddr4 ram and whole new cpu and motherboard since soon that generation will become obsolete.
  6. I'm sorry buy can't he get a new generation ryzen + mobo for that price? Though he'd need a new ram too...
  7. 515481 said:
    you don't have a laptop & this is a Laptop CPU. I hope this helped ya

    So, um, why would he buy a CPU for a laptop that he doesn't own?
  8. i7 5775c is an underrated Processor, it's sort like Skylake lite while still on the 22 nm architecture.
  9. a 4770 is quite nice and is pretty fast
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